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The Falling: Part 5 'Seeking Forgiveness' by MademoiselleMischief The Falling: Part 5 'Seeking Forgiveness' by MademoiselleMischief
The Falling

This tale is about a fallen angel named Lorcan. Lorcan was amongst the first to fall with Lucifer and for thousands of years he has roamed the Earth, living amongst humans but never really belonging with them. He's exhausted and lonely, now regretting the blind decision he made that forced his Father to disown him. All seems lost until he meets a young woman named Claira who fills him with new hope but now he must make a choice, a choice even greater than that foolish one he made at the beginning of time; heaven or Claira?

Part 5

It had been many since the fall and Lorcan's choice to fall alongside Lucifer had come at a great price. His wings had been burnt black with God's wrath and the floor beneath his feet had opened up swallowing him whole and sending him plummeting to Earth. After he landed on Earth, naked and shivering and his wings searing in pain he'd faced his punishment. Contact with heaven and the other angel's was forbidden, if he somehow managed to bypass this he would be destroyed; wiped off the face of the planet and all other planes of existence. He was now doomed to walk the Earth alongside the human race. Never really belonging to them and not belonging with the angel's. He was an outcast, walking alone for the rest of time itself.

It had been a mistake to fall, Lorcan knew that now and these days he only had one goal on his mind; to seek forgiveness from his Father. It wouldn’t be an easy task, earning himself a meeting with God, but he would try. He would go to the highest mountain on Earth, kneel in respect and pledge his sorrow and heartache to his Father. He would grovel and apologize and if need be, beg to be allowed to come home. His many millennia with the humans had not be wasted, he'd learnt much about their customs and the different religions that all claimed to follow in the footsteps of God. The Christians believed God to be all forgiving and that was what Lorcan was hoping for. He was, after all, a child of God just like the humans and all children make mistakes. All he could do now was pray and hope that his efforts would not be in vain.


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